5 Ways Digital Visitor Management Systems Helps Staff Love Work

Can a single app free up your entire workforce? Yes! A visitor management system liberates your office to a world of new possibilities opens up.

Executive Summary

  • Visitor management systems do much more than merely track when visitors come and go. 
  • By having visitors check themselves in, they allow employees to focus on their work leading to greater productivity and a better work-life balance.
  • Touchless visitor management software can also keep your workforce healthy a productive by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Can a single app free up your entire workforce? Quite possibly. When you liberate your office structure from the traditional front desk model, a world of possibilities opens up. Here’s how.

1. Staff Schedules Open Up

Visitor sign in system eliminates employee distractions“Will you cover for me?” can become a phrase of the past for your staff once they are unchained from the front desk, which they normally cannot risk leaving in case a visitor might arrive at any moment.

They can attend important meetings, leave for lunch, run errands, go to the bathroom and take a break without worrying that they need to find another employee to stand in—or that a visitor will be left standing around wondering what to do.

With “Welcome! Please Check in Here” signage, a visitor can easily check in on your tablet display (or if you’re using Greetly) and the employee they are here to see will be notified immediately through the app.

While front desk duties are notorious for being disruptive to those who are unfortunate enough to sit close to the front door (and have to listen in case your reception staff is away or on the phone), a digital reception option assures those staff of more time to focus on their main priorities.

2. Keep the Phones Ringing Out of Earshot

When you think of a receptionist, do you picture someone behind a desk on the phone? Us, too. And it’s often while arriving guests queue up or wander around, waiting for the call to finish. With a no-touch visitor app, your central phone system can move to the back of the house—where it probably should be to start with. Incoming visitors can check in on your digital reception app without experiencing wait time, without overhearing your (sometimes private) calls with other clients, and without the front desk staff being interrupted by ringing phones.

3. Knowledge Doesn’t Follow One Person

Visitor check-in app productivityTypically, when you have a single office manager or front desk staffer working with traditional systems, he or she alone is intimately familiar with the visitor management process, whether it’s kept as a paper ledger or a calendar confined to a single desktop computer. If that person is out sick or leaves the company, the knowledge of the system and workflow leaves with them.

With a visitor management system like Greetly, this knowledge can be decentralized and employees can easily be cross-trained. The software is intuitive and cloud-based, so any staff member can access it on any device. This means anyone can step in if your receptionist is out. If a salesperson finishes a meeting with a client, she can log in and update the client’s information in Greetly without having to send the visitor back to the front desk.

4. Sales and Reception Become Inter-Connected

When your visitor management system is entirely online, cloud-based, and integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM), your sales and reception teams can access all the same information and could even potentially be one and the same team. Sales staff can schedule a meeting with a client, instruct them to check in on the tablet upon arrival, greet them after they’ve checked in, and follow up with them afterward thanks to the digital visitor log that’s automatically created with apps like Greetly.

5. Reduce Staff Health and Security Risks

In the age of COVID-19, more businesses are having to dedicate front desk staff to provide health screening to visitors and staff. This takes more of your resources away from other revenue-generating work these team members could be doing.
Temperature screening visitor management system kiosk
Get them back on task and reduce their risk of exposure with a solution like Greetly’s Temperature Scanning Kiosk. This technology integrates your office’s digital reception with a self-service thermal temperature scanner. So, a visitor (or a staff member reporting for duty) can have their temperature taken from up to 39 inches away, complete a health screening questionnaire and log in with touchless access to Greetly on their own device.

In addition, a well-equipped visitor management system can add security measures, like taking a visitor’s photo and requiring NDA or waivers to be signed before entering.


Ready to modernize your workforce, get rid of old-fashioned roles and barriers to cross-training? Schedule a free Greetly demo and see how it can free up your team to be more productive.

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