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6 Event Apps That Will Make Your Next Program a Smashing Success

Whether you are a professional organizer or planning your first Meetup, these apps will leave attendees smiling.

Whether you are a professional event organizer or planning your first event, developing a local meetup or global conference, there are a million details to consider. Is the agenda appealing? Will the presenters provide valuable insights? Did you order the right amount of food? How can you eliminate event check in and other bottlenecks?

Fortunately, there is an event app for that. Actually, there are many apps for each and every part of planning and executing an engaging program. We've spoken with some of our favorite event planners who recommend the event software and apps below to plan an experience attendees will rave about.


Event Technology Award winner Whova is a multi-modular event management software system. It incorporates online ticketing and content management into a single event app. This platform provides personalized agendas, interactive maps, and document sharing. There are also interactive elements like live polling built into this software. Whova also incorporates some post-event analytics.


Eventzilla is one of the most robust products for selling event tickets. Think Shopify meets Ticketmaster. With Eventzilla you can quickly create a website for your event, launch social media marketing campaigns, accept payment, email or print tickets, and more. Event organizers can manage registrations and cancellations from their smartphones while venue managers can monitor real-time ticket sales, revenues, and track attendance. The app is available on the iPhone and Android platforms.


Checking in with Greetly event registration appGreetly is an Android or iPad visitor sign-in appThis event check-in system will quickly check attendees in. Greetly has integrations which means it syncs with other event software, or you can upload a spreadsheet, to pre-register attendees, making the check-in process even faster. Greetly partnered with Brother to print visitor badges which facilitate interaction between attendees. If you require that visitors sign a waiver or code of conduct, Greetly's eSig feature can expedite that process too. All information is stored securely in Greetly's cloud-based visitor logbook.


Wish the networking opportunities could start before the event and live on afterward? Attendify (now Hopin) creates a private community for each event. Drag and drop features make it easy to add content, with no coding or design experience needed. Event planners can import agendas, speaker bios, and maps. An integrated activity stream encourages attendees to share ideas and photos. The direct message feature allows participants to stay connected. Push notifications enable users to see comments at a glance. Real-time polling provides instant feedback and their measurement module allows organizes to tell sponsors how many times they were mentioned. 


If your focus is attendee interaction then Pathable may be for you. This event application allows attendees to connect with one another throughout the duration of the event. Pathable uses gamification features, forums and attendee profiles to enhance the experience. Participants are able to create personalized agendas and schedule meetings. Trade show users can access floor maps and exhibitor listings. Extra splash screens built into the software double as revenue-generating opportunities from your sponsors.

Presdo Match

Presdo Match is focused on helping sponsors and attendees achieve business results. This technology helps event planners track attendee engagement. This app integrates with registration data, and social networking tools, to create a 365-day profile of participant behavior. Presdo uses this data to identify potential deep business relationships and offers the messaging and meeting scheduling tools, to connect parties.


Attendees check in event softwareWhether you are planning large corporate events or a local user group, your job is to develop and executive event ideas that sponsors and attendees love. Most likely you don't have the time or budget to handle low value, yet time-consuming, administrative tasks. Fortunately, you can outsource those menial tasks to the mobile event apps and software options mentioned above. And may your next event be your most successful ever.

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