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Modern Office Furniture to Improve Your Health and Productivity

Modern office furniture that can help you attract and retain the best employees.

Today's modern office worker has a greatly improved work environment versus the factory worker of yesteryear. Yet health risks may remain at your desk job. Replacing worries of lung disease and broken bones are problems caused by being too sedentary.

Fortunately, some leading manufacturers are making modern office furniture to help reduce these concerns. Adding these pieces to your work environments will make you and your team more healthy, more comfortable and more productive. You can also promote best-in-class workspace tools as an office perk to prospective employees.

Sit in Comfort

Office worker sitting in modern office chair

Most of us who work in offices spend our day sitting. Efficiency demands comfort. Think about the chair you are sitting in literally right now. Wirecutter has names the Steelcase Gesture the best office chair for 2018. Sure, it's expensive, but you are worth the $1,000 price tag. Especially if it makes you happy and productive for 12 years - the length of the warranty. 


It’s Time You Made Your Stand

The standing desk is the ultimate modern office furniture trendThe New York Times has declared that sitting is the new cancer. Standing while you work could prevent potential physical demise. So consider a standing desk. Leafwire has called the ApexDesk Vortex Series 60-inch the best standing desk option in 2018. Even better, as a sit/stand model, you can shift your approach as you move throughout the day and various tasks. 

A Game of Mouse and Mouse

While we are sitting (or standing) we are clicking. Clicking away can cause some health issues. Wile most people think of carpal tunnel syndrome as an injury of the early industrial revolution, it is very much present in today's office workers. Repetitive strain injury is also a regular pain suffered by workers who use a computer all day (and night). Consider a mouse upgrade. TechRadar has called the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 the most versatile mouse on the market. 


Today's office design trends are focused on efficient space management and employee comfort. Office furniture and work station tools that promote employee health and productivity will help your organization attract and retain great workers, especially millennials. After using your visitor check-in app, visitors will also take notice of your furniture and be impressed by your modern work environment. Despite the price tag, these upgrades will likely delivery a positive return on investment for your company.

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