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The Sureshot Ways to Impress Your Office Visitors

Offices need to be doing things in fewer working hours than ever before. Follow these guidelines to make sure the visitor experience excels.

Originally published by Berkeley Insights. Re-posted with permission.

Offices need to be doing things in fewer working hours than ever before. Visitors to the office don’t want to see any sign of sluggishness and inefficiencies but rather a smooth-running office, even under pressure. Office visitors are always impressed when they can see that the management has done all it can to ensure the safety and comfort of its workers. They know that in the long run, happy workers mean productivity. 

Keep tabs on visitors 

Visitor using touchless visitor management applicationHow are you receiving your visitors to your office? In a flustered, unprofessional way? Using a visitor management system can take much of the burden from you and ease your work. You’ll be super-efficient in managing your visitors. Wave goodbye to visitors constantly having to register – with the visitor management system, it’s once and never again. 

Greetly is an excellent cloud-based visitor management solution that notifies you when a guest has arrived, and much more. It’s available on a monthly subscription basis and is the only fully customizable visitor management system for businesses. No visitor will ever come into your facilities unidentified and it’s why their software is used by so many leading brands.

Ergonomic furniture to avoid pain

Management has to consider their staff’s needs in terms of comfort, health, and attractiveness. The ergonomics of office furniture is important because an employee is linked to the furniture for the entire time they are in the office. If it isn’t comfortable, their productivity could be jeopardized because they may be required to take sick leave more often. 

If they are at a computer most of the day, visitors will be impressed to see not only comfy chairs with adjustable heights for employees but for them in the reception area as well. They can see that comfort has been considered to promote the welfare of the spine and back. 

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Health is a top concern

Office visitors want to know that you are a pandemic-compliant business. These days, it is important to implement health strategies, and when they see you have, they’re impressed. Some common health risks in any office include ergonomic injuries, poor indoor air quality, unhygienic, cluttered spaces, poor lighting, extreme temperatures, and illness and depression caused by lack of social distancing. 

Poor indoor air quality contributes to occupational allergies and respiratory disorders. Visitors want to see a healthy level of people in the building and the ability to open windows and allow fresh air in. 

Professional cleaning services

Office visitors may catch a glimpse of your office kitchen, or they may request to visit the restrooms. They know that the virus can land on surfaces and that people can become infected by touching those surfaces. 

The sureshot way to impress visitors to your office is for them to see that you get professional cleaners in to disinfect and clean all your office spaces. They know that when you pay for a professional office cleaning service, they go through a checklist of services and make sure that your office can be deemed a covid-19 friendly facility. 

Streamline guest registration 

Guests visiting your offices want an efficient, streamlined welcoming- and registration process. They expect nothing less than a warm, professional welcome. Nobody’s got time to waste and visitors get angry and frustrated by the time it takes to register them. Registration takes longer than the purpose of their visit even. 

Automated visitor management can save a business a lot of time, money, and safety issues by seeing that every visitor is accounted for and that their reason for the visit is known. Visitor management systems are guaranteed to impress all visitors as it simply streamlines the entire process and can be upscaled as your business grows. 

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