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3 Tips for Improving Employee Productivity | Visitor Check-in App

As a small business manager, your job is to maximize employee productivity. Here are 4 tips sure to achieve results.

If you are a manager, no doubt you recognize that great employees are the life blood of your success. Your job is to maximize both employee productivity and satisfaction. Productivity is even more important for small and medium business, where resources are often very scare. So what should you do to boost employee productivity for your company?

Increase Employee Productivity With These Tactics

  1. Female employee giving an important analysis presentationIncent employee performance– An employee that works hard expects recognition from the management. Employees in small businesses often have to multitask which makes the job very challenging. This adds risk because a fatigued employee can become a liability for the company. On the other hand, performance linked incentives, award ceremonies or sending high performers on sabbaticals is a good way to show your team that you recognize their efforts and that you care about them. This builds employee-management understanding and trust. Giving adequate breaks, holidays and paid leaves also improves employee productivity.
  2. Making the work more challenging– Incentives alone won’t keep the employee morale high. After all, you and your employees work for more than just the money. Employees seek knowledge and they want to add value; to be a vital component of your organization. If management shows trust and empowers them with key responsibilities, employee productivity will rise permanently. A manager cannot and should not do everything on their own. They should play the role of coach. And as coaches, it is not only important for them to monitor the performance of their employees but also give them enough freehand. Of course, they should be held accountable, but the parameters of good performance and expectations should be conveyed clearly to the employees well beforehand. Critical information should not be held back when a project is assigned.
  3. Office Automation– A small organization, having fewer employees than larger competitors, would always do well to automate tedious, low-value tasks. Sticking a vital team member, like an accounting or HR staff member, should not need to sit at the reception desk, handling package and food deliveries. Instead, use a smart visitor check in app like Greetly. This frees up manpower for more valuable tasks while relieving employees of their least favorite tasks.
  4. Employees enjoying happy hour togetherBONUS: Employee engagement and collaboration– A small company must facilitate efficient employee communication and collaboration. A number of free, virtual collaboration apps are available which can be used for real-time collaboration and teamwork. These products, which are generally free or very inexpensive, can improve communication flow and thus employee productivity.


A company that both challenges and nurtures its employees will accomplish more than its competitors. A company and manager should keep the interests of their employees at heart. They will be rewarded will employees who give more effort and happily do so. Set targets and once they are met, celebrate the success. Recognition, challenges and accountability, automation, and engagement are sure to help you achieve your goals.

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