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4 Reasons to Use an iPad Receptionist at Your Retail Business

Tablet kiosks have many benefits for small businesses. See how an iPad reception kiosk will free up your staff so you can earn more money.

Tablet kiosks have many benefits for small businesses. iPad reception kiosks are rapidly freeing up office staff to work on high-priority projects. The next wave of growth appears to be service-based retailers. Retailers, including beauty salons, traditional retail, medical offices, and gyms, are starting to realize the benefits of using iPad kiosks. Organizations are using technology to provide better customer service, improving employee satisfaction, and reducing labor costs.

Greetly iPad receptionist at Deka Lash salon

4 Ways to Leverage Ipad Kiosks in Your Retail Business

  1. Connect clients with service providers: A digital receptionist like Greetly is a great way to check clients in when they visit a salon, spa, or physical therapist. It quickly informs their service specialist while capturing the visitors' information for future marketing purposes.
  2. Play the role of a digital guide: Most small retail outlets don’t have an adequate sales force, leaving customers without someone to answer key questions. An iPad kiosk is a great tool to answer a broad variety of questions customers might have. It can display a map of the store layout and tell the customer where to find a particular product. It can also act as a product catalog and give a short product description to the customer of all products within a particular category. This can help the customer to be better informed about their choices and also improve chances of upselling if related products are displayed.
  3. Take feedback from customers: Retails large and small are always seeking honest customer feedback. From survey links on receipts, 800-numbers, and follow-up emails, organizations are seeking a more efficient approach. A customer check in system can collect valuable feedback from the customers immediately after they complete their retail experience when perspectives are fresh. They can also prompt customers to take small surveys with an aim to test new ideas to improve customer service.
  4. Reduces running cost: An iPad kiosk can reduce the running cost and improve sales volume. More employees can be freed up to take care of sales or moved to the back office rather than answer mundane queries of customers. It also makes up for the shortfall in employee strength at a marginal cost.


An iPad kiosk has the potential to revolutionize the retail business and prove beneficial. The uses and benefits to companies and customers alike abound. If you have not evaluated this cost-effective, customizable solution yet, you should do it today.

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