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    How NOT to Do Customer Check-In

    When checking-in customers, knowing what to avoid is every bit as crucial as knowing what to do. Here’s how NOT to run your customer check-in process.

    Overview of Customer Sign In Apps

    Customers hate waiting. A customer check in system reduces wait times and improves the experience. Here are the features of a great customer sign-in...

    How to Prepare for an In-Office Client Visit

    Whether your first priority with your office is comfort, beauty, or functionality, it needs to work for your clients. Here are tips to impress guests.

    Times When You End a Business Contract

    Terminating a contract can be tricky. Yet there are times when you should end a business contract early. Here is how to go about it.

    What is Visitor Management Software?

    If you want to create a favorable impression among your guests, visitor management software is the way to go. This page examines why it’s essential.

    Productivity Tips

    Top Tasks You Can Outsource to Greetly

    What if the dreaded clipboard was no longer needed at your front desk? See how you can outsource visitor paperwork and other mundane tasks.

    Improving Experience

    5 FAQs About Visitor Management Systems

    You’ve got questions. We have answers. Click for 5 common queries about how visitor management systems help companies become safer and more...

    The Future of Healthy Buildings

    What do the healthiest workplaces have in common? Our founder, Dave Milliken, explores the answers in a must-read article published by


    How Saying Yes Can Grow Your Business Faster

    Life and business are full of tough decisions. Let's talk about the times when saying 'yes' will help you and your business grow.


    Best Practices in Data Governance | Greetly

    Best practices for getting started with data governance. Data governance is the process of collecting, using, storing and securing your workplace's...


    What Is Data Governance? | Greetly

    In your data data-driven workplace, having great data governance is important to collect, maintain and secure data to make smart decisions.


    Coworking Office Design | Greetly

    Designing for a coworking space is about function and fun. This article covers the key design elements for a winning flexible workspace.


    The Nature of Office Work in 2030 | Greetly

    A look into the future of work and the office as technology and connectivity have even greater influence on our professional lives


    Paper Versus Digital Visitor Logbooks | Greetly

    While paper beats electronic in some areas, your visitor logbook should be digital. See how a digital visitor log can make your workplace more...


    Let's Get GCUC | Greetly

    Why you might want to attend the coworking industry's premier conference, the Global Coworking Unconference, or GCUC.